Guldiner Light, version was just released !!!

The Guldiner Light program was created when I needed to sort my collection and could not find any program that would suit me. Although highly acclaimed Excel allows simple evidence, but for quality and thorough evidence is not satisfactory. If someone says yes, he does not know what the real evidence is. The great advantage of this application is easy searching with fulltext and simple filter, in addition, you can view and sort items in bulk, and also can print catalog cards, which most programs can not do.

Web applications are of course also interesting but only for those who want to give their collection to the whole world, and without occured, perhaps invite even uninvited visitor to home. The philosophy of the Guldiner Light program is not to communicate with the Internet (which requires real collectors who appreciate their collections) and by this ensured the security of the data that is inserted into this program. Some customers even use a computer that does not connect to the Internet at all.

In the first, the Guldiner Light program was consisted of Guldiner added medals, tokens and emmergency coins were added to Guldiner. And there were minerals added to Pteranodon. After additional requirements for adding dog stamps, KGLs and postcards, both programs were merged into one program, and the program Guldiner Light was created which can be used to evidence anything you can think of. Of course, the further development was complicated, I was struggling with the technical problems of the new Windows which were successfully overcome. Worse were the attacks of competition which was close and atacks by thieves who tried to steal the program. Now the program is stable and very reliable. Development has gone so far that in feedback from satisfied (even less satisfied) customers, additional cards were added to the program, e.g. Recipe card and univerzable card that the user can customize himself - for whatever what he wants.

The program is constantly evolving and will evolve (even by wishes and requirements of customers) to make it easier to use and including other items (eg documents).

Program Guldiner light 2.X. is for manage collections and simple registration of individual items. In this program, coins can be registered by using coin lists or as individual catalog cards. In addition can be registered banknotes, medals, decorations, stamps, emergency coins, dog stamps, tokens, postcards, postage stamps, sacraments, fossils, minerals, recipes and used literature. And if you do not suit the defined cards, you can create cards according to your wishes, using a simple guide.

Program Guldiner light 2.X. is not a network version. The program is not installed, to can run it from a backup HDD, flash disk, or run for display on another computer. In the demo version, 25 items can be created, for additional work the program must be activated by the activation code. If more than 25 items are inserting in this program and then is this program run on a computer without a license key, the program will be set to demo mode and in this mode, the program will display all inserted items but does not allow next item to add. For each item you can insert a number of images in these formats: jpg, bmp, png, tif or static gif. The total number of images is limited only by the disk space from where the program is running.

How to store data in a program Guldiner Light

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